Ladies in Black



Following on from the 2018 film of the same name and drawing inspiration from the much-loved 1993 novel, Ladies in Black, the television adaptation sees the beloved women from Goodes Department Store fling open their shop doors to the fabulous 60’s.

Directed by Gracie Otto (The Arftul DodgerThe ClearingHeartbreak High), Ladies in Black takes place in 1961, six months after the events of the original story, where amidst this backdrop of major societal shifts, the women embracing more freedom and independence are forced to confront personal choices and challenges which cast shadows over their once cherished dreams.

The cast will be led by renowned American actress Debi Mazar (YoungerEntourage), Miranda Otto (The ClearingTalk To Me) and Jessica De Gouw (The Drover’s Wife: The Legend of Molly JohnsonThe Secrets She Keeps).

Debi, Miranda, and Jessica will be joined by an ensemble cast of talented Australian actors including Kate Box (DeadlochWentworth), 2022 NIDA graduate Clare Hughes, Azizi Donnelly (Secret Society of Lies), Julian Maroun (Aftertaste), Carlos Sanson Jr (Bump), Tom Wilson (Heartbreak High), Sacha Horler (The Letdown), Huw Higginson (Total Control), Russell Dykstra (Rake), Thom Green (Of an Age), Hamish Michael (The Twelve), Krew Boylan (Simply Red), Ngali Shaw (The Twelve), Hazem Shammas (The Clearing), Peter O’Brien (Tidelands), Gemma Ward (While The Men Are Away) and Todd McKenney (Significant Others).


Director: Gracie Otto
Writers: Greg Waters, Aarah Bassiuoni, Joan Aauers, Randa Sayed
Script Producer: Greg Waters
Producers: Sophia Zachariou, Angela Littlejohn, Greer Simpkin, David Jowsey
Executive Producers: Louise Smith, Rachel Okine, Aally Riley, Alex Baldwin, Greg Waters, Allanah Zitzerman, Sue Milliken

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