Every King Tide

Virtual Reality


In the Torres Strait, between the northern tip of mainland Australia, and the most southern cape of Papua New Guinea, the tiny coral cay of Poruma Island and its 200 inhabitants, is slowly being eroded and swallowed by the sea.

The island of Poruma (also known as Coconut Island) is one of Australia’s first victims of climate change. As sea levels rise, and temperatures increase, the people of Poruma, along with the people living on other low-lying islands in the Torres Straits, are at risk of losing their homes, their livelihoods, their fresh water, their culture, and their connection to history to the fast encroaching sea.

Much of mainland Australia is unaware of how climate change is already impacting the low-lying islands of the Torres Strait. Many of us are more familiar with the impact it’s having on multi-million dollar properties on Sydney’s northern beaches, or remote Pacific Island nations.

Every King Tide is a unique virtual reality project that combines stories from the people of Poruma with state of the art 3D maps and animated artwork from acclaimed Torres Strait Islander artist, Laurie Nona, to provide an immersive experience that highlights the precarious future for the people of Poruma.
Every King Tide illustrates what is at stake for the people of Poruma – their homes, their way of life, culture, customs, language and history.


Aaron Fa’Aoso Co-Director
Craig Deeker Co-Director
Greer Simpkin Producer and Writer
Tanith Glynn-Maloney Producer
David Jowsey Executive Producer
Laurie Nona Artist
Liam Egan Sound Design
Mike James Senior VFX artist
James Brettell VR Camera Operator and post producer
Anne Delaney Additional writing

Additional 360 VR Post by ELC


Greer Simpkin
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Every King Tide is produced by Bunya Productions in association with The Gingerbread Man with production investment from SBS Television and Screen Queensland.


Commissioning Editor John-Paul Marin
Supervising Producer Megan Gibbon
Technical Producer Matt Smith

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